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A vocational assessment (Comprehensive Career Assessment) can assist high school students (Year 10 and above) in recognising and choosing suitable career paths to find meaningful employment.

Your high school-aged child is facing a lot of pressure to choose a career. This can be very stressful and, in some cases, can even lead to depression or decreased motivation in school. A comprehensive vocational assessment can help your child make an informed decision about their future, including career options, what to study in university or trade school, and such.

A comprehensive Vocational Assessment can help your child make an informed decision about their future: career options, what to study in University or Trade School, etc.

What is included in a vocational assessment?

The Vocational Assessment includes a detailed history of your teenager, in combination with:

  • intelligence and personality testing
  • employment preferences
  • retraining requirement for suitable roles
  • employment availability

The Assessment starts with the student completing a Job Questionnaire. The questionnaires vary depending on their origin, but are usually divided into these categories:

  • Technological
  • Nature
  • Scientific
  • Culture
  • Expressiveness
  • Helping
  • Persuasive
  • Organizing

These employment fields are then compared to the work needs which are most important to your teenager, such as salary and work hours. The results of these job preferences are identified in combination with a detailed understanding of the job availability.

The Vocational Assessment session with your teenager will take up to two hours. At the end, you and your child will have comprehensive advice about ideal careers and roles, making subject choices straightforward.

Taking a vocational assessment administered in an educational psychology clinic in Adelaide will be instrumental in helping your child in their future paths.


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